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Tuesday, October 20, 2009




  1. Hello!
    I just stumbled upon your blog via another blog and I wanted to tell you that you are doing a marvelous job! I always wondered if there was a blog on Tamil Brahmin sampradaayams and customs in addition to the traditional recipes, and lo behold, your blog is the answer!! I am going to bookmark your blog and pass it on to my daughter with other heirlooms when she is ready to run a household. The present times need simple yet elaborate blogs like yours that showcase our glorious Brahmin customs and traditions. Kudos to you! May God bless you!


    October 20, 2010 8:54 PM

  2. Hi Shanthi...

    Ur Blog is amazing......Kudos to ur gr8 work!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I am really touched to get a comment from an expert like you on my blog. I really admire you and the traditional recipes on your blog which may be otherwise hard to find, I am a regular visitor too. Please continue to give the comments and yummy recipes.

  4. Hello Mrs.Shanthi,
    I tried your tip for cleaning silvers it came out absolutely fine and sparkling. All my silverware have been turned like brand new. I have couple of doubts regarding the cleaning. When we immerse the silverware in boiling water does it not melt it? Also you have mentioned that we need to use non-fruit vinegar to clean copper/brass. Is distilled vinegar ok for it? I am still due to clean brass/copper ware. Waiting to get your reply.
    Thanks a lot your blog is so good I check it everyday and it has become famous among my cousins who were also on the lookout for "Iyengar Thaligai". Coming from a conservative typical orthodox iyengar family it is a pleasure to see recipes that were a part of our household being recreated in your blog. Kudos and keep up the good work.

  5. You have an wounderful blog.This blog is very informative.keep up the good work.Your are bringing back the tradition alive.

  6. Mam,

    I was working for the past 20 years in public sector and since my Husband had to take up a job in Saudi Arabia , I had to join him with my two children. You must be knowing that ladies cannot go for work in factories here. I was feeling very bored and also some what depressed. after going through your blog regularly I started showing interest in cooking variety dishes for my children. Basically I am a religious person so spend time on praying .
    I am a regular visitor of your blog. bye.
    Geetha Srinivasan

  7. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. You have a well-designed blog.Will visit again.

  8. Shanthiji,you have a very good collections of recipes in your blog,Kudos for the hard work..

  9. Namaste Mam .
    I visited your blog . I liked all the receipes and tips which u had put up in the blog ..I would like to suggest u a topic (tips for pregnent ladies )

    Ashwini Srikanth


  10. hi Shanthi Maami,
    i am vidhya from Singapore. I am a regular reader of all ur blogs. i am visiting u r blog for the past 6 mts. atlast today i got a courage to mail u. i am basically from a Iyengar family, chennai. i like all ur Iyengar cuisine and tips. i have also tried so many receipes turned out very well. Thank you Shanthi Maami.

  11. Dear Shanthi,

    My husband found your website while searching for Anjaneyar Vadai Recipe.

    I have tried a few of your recipes- Carrot Kheer, Sakkarai Pongal, Aaloo Tikki, Lobhia Masala and Peas Pulav. All your recipes are tasty, quick-to-make and involve few ingredients.

    The Carrot Kheer has become a favorite Dessert in our home!!

    Thank You for sharing your wonderful recipes with all of us, they are unique..

    Keep Cooking!!

    Anusha Madhavan

  12. Hi Shanti. I am trying your dishes daily and they are fantastic.Keep it up. Regards to all at home.


  13. sriv02@yahoo.com

    Dear Shanti madam,

    I have visited your blog recently and found it very very useful. Apart from samayal recipes, the way you are explaning the importance of each festival is simple and excellent. I live in abroad and your site is very useful to learn and follow about our customs and traditions. Hats off to your work.


  14. this blog is awesome

  15. gayathri sankaranarayananMonday, April 25, 2011

    lovely blog..stumbled upon the blog from another blog.the photos are too good.good job done

  16. hi the blog s just too good!! just what we need, rather hundreds of those living abroad need - can you please post the recipe for kothamalli rice??? i dint find in the blog!!!

  17. hello madam.. i see the ladoo recipe here.. it is south indian one.. but i like this north indian small boondhi ladoo.. can you please tell me how to make that and what is the difference between both..?? Thanks :-)

  18. I visited your blog, I liked all the collection and tips which you have posted in your blog, good keep on bloging.

  19. Excellent work.We wil try and post our comments.Also request you to post few simple mixed rice varieties and tiffin for college girls.

  20. Priya, Memphis, TennesseFriday, September 09, 2011

    Madam, can u upload the recipe for thayir vadai.

  21. Hello!

    Its excellent and nice to see your recipes and interest in posting them on a blog.

    However, i would like to add a suggestion and please do not get offended. As Iyengars today, we are not following majority of the "ahara niyamam", which are supposed to be followed. But atleast many of them maintain not to consume Onion and Garlic. So, if your posts can avoid usage of Onion, it will be nice. Sorry for the suggestion, but when this blog is termed under the banner of Iyengar recipes, i think its wise not to project dishes which are not supposed to be used by Iyengars. For example,i am surprised to see Onion Pakoda recipie in this blog!

    Once again, sorry if this post offends you by anymeans.

  22. Mr. Srinivas... I am having another blog for iyengar cuisine and its a sans onion and garlic blog this is a cookbook with all recipes...which includes onion and garlic also

  23. very nice blog,would like to know more about postpartum care and medicines ,naatu marundhu. given to the mother.

  24. Hi Shanthi... gr8 effort!! nice blog!

    South Indian Special!!!

  25. Hi Mam,
    Your blog is awesome,the recipes are typically south Indian.I want you to post a recipe for Ginger pickle.Thanks continue the great work.

  26. Hello madam,
    Nice recipes n easy to follow.Can you tell how to preserve ripe bananas? Thank you.

  27. Hi maam,
    I am a regular visitor at your site. I love your site maam. One stop site for everything on cooking. Keep up your good work maam.

    Do visit my blog as well..

  28. Dear Shanti maami!!
    your blog is very good and i always come here to look for traditional iyengar recipes. உங்களோட ப்ளாக் பார்த்து நா என்னோட ஆதுகர் & மாமியாரை பயங்கரமா இம்ப்ரெஸ் பண்ணிட்டேன்! thanks!!

  29. dear madam,
    i ususally check other blogs . seeing the first page of a blog gives a impression for me. i'm so excited to see this blog so that i can read it everyday like a new book. excellent work. what i usually wanted from a blog is atlast here. do continue your work, may god bless you.

  30. I was checking for karupellaithokku online and ended up in your blog. Iam a brahmin iyengar and when i was reading your blog it looked as if iam standing in front of a mirror which reflectls the iyengar tradition and food item which iam bought up with and certain descriptions brought back all the nice old memories.To start with i hail from tirupati and your porattasi sanikiyamai description and recipe was really good,my mom does the same way with madisar and food items are same only difference is she uses sugar instead of jaggery in mavilakku.Next your ghee making, i still remember the fights we have for that ghee kasi mavu with my bro and sis. The way you have described pongal pandigai is awesome, bought fresh rememberence of all old memories with all attais in mottamadi, pidi vechi kakka kurivikku kalyanam singing... haha ...all the bakshanams are very nice especially thirattipal,kaimurukku,dry fruits burfi, thenga burfi,pista cake i can go on..... ha ha finally ekadasi and dwadasi parayanam nicely described...agathi keerai,nelli paruppu pachadi,paruppu, morkoyambu etc.To conclude Very very nice blog and nice traditional receipes,nice malleswaram lakshmi narasimhaswami photo, nice carpenter story and a very nice & sweet shanthi for posting all these online. Keep up the good work and god bless you.

  31. Hello mam
    The tip to clean silver articles is really good. I have one mam. Apply any toothpaste all over the villakku or any silver article for that reason. keep it aside for half an hour and rinse well in running water. It will look like a brand new one.

    Geetha Srinivasan

  32. Hi Ms. Shanthi,
    Such a gr8 blog..myself being an iyengaar aswell helps
    me to learn more about our thaligai in depth and especially
    residing outside our country where we don't have anybody
    to guide along ..Thankyou for creating such a wonderful blog.
    Hats off to u..

  33. Dear Shanthi maami,
    Namaskaram !
    I have been an ardent follower of your blog for the last couple of years and I thank you for your guidance and generosity in sharing your family recipes and tips.I just wanted to bring to your attention that the Karumudhu podi page seems to have disappeared all of a sudden.Could you re-post it please - thanks very much.

  34. Dear Maami,
    I and my daughter are prompt users of your blog. Thanks for this great service. All your recipes are very very useful and user friendly.One small request.
    Can you please post the recipe of OOMAPODI?

  35. Dear Shanthi Maami,
    Pranams.I and my daughter are ardent users of your blog.Your recipes are very very easy to understand and attempt.
    I would be thankful if you can post the recipe for OOMAPODI.Thank you very much.

  36. A fantastic blog. i have no words to praise you. may be photos of step by step procedure can be added in some cases, where you feel the steps are important. thanks, this is real service that you are doing. i don't know why i feel so much 'at home' with your blog than many of the other blogs. may be some of your recipes are so much like my mother's. thanks.

  37. Rajkumar ChellappanSaturday, January 12, 2013

    Excellent blog with a wealth of useful information. Hearty Congratulations...

  38. Hi,

    I was searching all over the internet, to clean my silver and brass pooja items, and i was about to give up and want to check the store to get a polish. i landed on your website and i tried your method,,oh god :) it turned out like store bought new.many thanks to you.
    i do have a question..
    I have couple of hinadlium utensils which need to be cleaned also. do you have any method to clean hindalium utensils
    by the way your blog is superb, excellent and lots of useful information.

    Thanks in advance.

  39. A very good blog spot to learn different types of cooking recipes and also some useful tips mam.congrats.all the best..

  40. Hello madam,

    I happened to hit your blog only yesterday. A massive work... Awesome. Very impressive and thank you for inspiring.

    I came to submit my blog title for your chennai-bloggers' list and was awestruck with your work. you must be working like an ant not aunty :)

    Keep rocking....

  41. Hi Mam,
    Could you please let me know the measuring cup that you are using in this blog. I just wanted to know is it the normal measuring cups we buy in store. Just wanted to be sure so that the quantities used in the receipes are correct as mentioned in your blog

  42. My first visit when I searched for kunnukku Very nice recipes.
    could I have a measure recipe[instead of kg] for sambhar powder, as I would like to make small qty.

  43. can I have a cup measure recipe for sambhar powder?
    Very nice blog

  44. I have bookmarked this. This BLOG is toooooooooooooo good. Thank you for the wonderful recipes

  45. Hello mami..This is soundarya.I am 27 and live in chennai with my husband and fil.I am married for 4 yrs now..I first got introduced to u wen I was just recently married.I was totally new to cooking thn..My hubby and me were in Uk and thr was really no one to even teach me or tell me abt sounth Indian iyengar samyal.I learnt every thing from you from scratch.I don't have my Mother in law,u were thr in her place.I keep telling my hubby and everyone abt u and ur guidance thru tis bog.I always tell my hubby tht u r my mom in law who taught me every thg fron scratch.Thanks is too lesser a word for your support mami.I would love to meet you if you are in chennai sometime.Thanks for evry thg..

  46. Hi i am sreepriya and currently live in uganda, east africa. Your blog is very good and i am very happy to find an exclusive blog for us, iyengars. I too try to keep up to our traditions, but sometimes i do not know sampradayam and always end up asking my appa. Even if you can include imp festivals and pooja to be performed those days, pasadams etc. It will be very useful for ppl like us who live elsewhere.

  47. Hello,

    Today I got to see this wonderful blog while i was searching a tip for cleaning silver items..here i got a solution.. u r a amazing lady..hats off ..

  48. Hi,

    Today i got to see your blog while searching a tip for cleaning silver items..thanks a lot for the time saving wonderful tip.your blog is amazing. one can imagine your talent by your blog.


  49. Hi shanthi
    Ur blog is very interesting and useful to all (Especially to youngsters) good job
    All the best

  50. Hi,

    I am a new visitor to this blog, i find it extremely use ..excellent..

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  51. Hi,
    Your receipe turned wonderful for Sri jayanthi Thanks a lot.

  52. Hello Shanti: I was looking for no onion and garlic recipes; your other blog 'Iyengar Cuisine' is for invitees. Will you be kind enough to allow me to visit the blog? - Thanks, anvelaga

  53. Dear sister,



  54. Hi, Thanks for your wonderful recipe.We tried Mullu Murukku and Carrot ginger soup and the outcome has exceeded the top restaurants. You made our kitchen a delightful place. Now on Each day will be a celebration and good treat to our taste buds. Thanks and congrats. Usha Balachandar

  55. lakshmi jagannathanWednesday, April 11, 2018

    your work is so GOOD . Helps the younger generation to learn more about the tradition and customs

  56. lakshmi jagannathanWednesday, April 11, 2018

    your service is so GOOD.

  57. lakshmi jagannathanWednesday, April 11, 2018

    your service is SO GOOD.

  58. Hello mam,

    I have been using many of your recipes. All have come out very well. Your blog is like a dictionary and Whenever I have any doubt I refer your blog (more like referring with mom). Thank you so much mam

  59. Please share u number give me

  60. Very impressive Blog. Keep rocking. Best wishes


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