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Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Rice flour - 4 cups
Urad dhal powder - 4 tsp.
White sesame seeds - 1 tsp.
Salt - as per taste
Hing - 1/4 tsp.
Pottukadalai - 2 tsp.
Chopped curry leaves - 4 tsp.
Butter - 50 gms.
Oil - 3 cups
Plastic sheet - 5"x5" - 2 sheets
Flat bottomed cup - 1


Prepare rice flour and urad dhal powder as mentioned in this link.

Add all the ingredients (except oil) to the flour , mix well and make a stiff dough using water.

Make gooseberry sized balls from the dough.

Grease a plastic sheet with oil, place a ball in it, cover with another greased plastic sheet and press the dough with the flat bottomed cup. Flatten all the balls like this.

Heat oil, and slide the flattened balls in oil. Deep fry on both sides till golden brown.


You can also use chenna dhal soaked in water instead of pottukadalai. Soak chenna dhal in water for half an hour.

You can also flatten the balls with your hand. But there will be finger marks in it.


  1. thanks so much for giving the tip to flatten the dough with the cup...it saved so much of my time & the thattai came out very well...ur blog is superb...I try out many of the dishes from ur blog and it all turns out well...thanx a lot!!!

  2. Maami I have a small doubt my mother in law pokes the thattai n makes small holes all over so that the thattai is cooked completely is it actually needed?? cos i think it makes the thattai look bad

  3. Not necessary. keep in medium flame. It will cook well

  4. Mami can I make it with store bought idiyappam flour after seiving it well


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