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Wednesday, August 12, 2009




Raw rice - 5 cups
White urad dhal - 1 cup
Salt - to taste
Jeera - 2 tsp.
Butter - 100 gms.
Hing - 1/2 tsp.
Oil - 3 cups


Grind rice and urad dhal in a flour mill to a fine powder.

When cool, sieve well and add all the ingredients. Mix well, adding water little by little to make a manageable dough. Ensure there are no lumps.

In a kadai, heat oil. Make balls out of the dough and fill it in a Thenkuzhal achu(press having round holes like that of punching machine holes) and press in a circular motion directly into the oil. Flip on both sides until golden brown.


For those who cannot press directly into the oil, you can shape it in plates. But be careful not to lose the shape when sliding into the oil. Take out from the plates using a spatula. You can also shape it in a ladle with holes and gently drop it in oil.

When the bubbles in oil reduce and the hissing sound reduce, it is implied that the bakshanam is well cooked.


  1. That snack looks so crispy an tempting.

  2. Hi, woww all ur bakshanams,snacks looks awesome .....
    doing a great job.....kalakureenga aunty.....

  3. yappa!!! Praamadham,Super! super!!!!
    U have so much patience.. All of them look fantastic... Book marked and thanks!

  4. Preethi,
    Whether I have the patience to do the dishes or not, I have patience to post it in my blog.

  5. Shanthi Maami...because you might be so tired cooking all this, why don't you take a vacation and visit us here in the US. Once you recover from the tiredness, you can make it all here for us!!

    everything looks sooooo good.

  6. dear shanti mami
    thenkuzal proportion is excellent;

    by kumar,chennai

  7. Dear Shanti mami,
    I love thenkuzhal.. Back home, my mom and grandmom would always make it for Krishna Jayanthi.. I've very recently got married, and don't have much experience with cooking, let alone bakshnam making.
    This year I decided to make Thenkuzhal and used your recipe exactly. It came out sooo good :)
    I just had to let you know that you've posted a wonderful recipe here.. Thank you so much for helping out a new cook like me :)
    -Aruna Sitaraman

  8. Super and easy one. Mam I have a doubt. Many recipes ask for marinating the rice and then powdering it.But you have given in this way. Will there be any difference in taste. Also in your blog you have given to marinate the rice for kai murukku, why so? Please clear my doubts madam.

  9. Looks Yummy! Happy Krishna Jayanthi. Thanks for sharing


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