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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is made on all festivals and functions in South India. But generally, we do not put a hole in the centre on festivals. Can be had with chutney, sambar and also can be dropped in rasam when hot. Yummy dish when had even without side dishes.


Whole white urad dhal - 1 cup
Green chillies - 2 0r 3
Ginger - 1/2" piece
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Coriander leaves - few
Pepper crushed - 1/2 tsp.
Salt - as per taste (or approx.1/2 tsp.)
Oil - 1 cup


Soak dhal in water for an hour.

Chop green chillies, ginger, curry leaves and crush pepper.

Grind the soaked dhal in a grinder to a smooth paste using very little water. The batter when dropped in water should float and that is the consistency. When smooth and slightly frothy, add salt and also the chopped and crushed items and grind again for two more minutes.

Take out the batter and add chopped coriander leaves.

Heat oil . Meanwhile, wet your palms with water, take out a ball from the batter and flatten it using your hand and put a hole in the centre. (OR) can use a plastic cover (OR) banana leaf.

Carefully drop them into the oil and turn it on both sides and cook till golden brown.


Ensure medium heat of oil. If oil is smoking, the vadai will become red but will not be cooked.

Do not add salt in the beginning. The batter doesn't double if added in the beginning. Add salt only when the batter is smooth.

Wet your palms,or fingers or plastic cover or banana leaf for each vadai and the vadai doesn't stick to your hands.


  1. these look and sound so delicious - thanks for sharing.....

  2. Shanthi,your vadai looks so soft..I have one in my draft too..

  3. Wow the vadas has come out perfect! I just made this yesterday :)

  4. yummy collection for krishna jayanthi...

  5. i can never get the donut shape, so end up making like dumpling :)

  6. such a nice looks vada...must be very delicious too...

  7. Just love it, feel like having rite now!

  8. first time to this lovely blog....vadai looks crunchy and delicious

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  10. Looks authentic and perfectly shaped.

  11. Perfect vadas..Mouthwatering !!

  12. hi Shanthi,

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  13. looks very spongy and authentic... You have a nice blog. visit mine if you get a chance. I am adding your blog in my blogroll.

  14. Nice one... My Fav one also... and Plz collect your awards and tag from my blog....

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  17. very nice! Nowadays I make good Badai...


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