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Tuesday, October 13, 2009



This is the one proportion we make in our home right from my great grand mothers period. For me, its my grandma's recipe. She does it so perfectly with a soft texture and a glazy look which I have not tasted anywhere. There are many variations though. Now the Deepavali legiyam from my grandma's kitchen.
Recipe courtesy: My grandma.


Sukku(dried ginger) – 1” pieces – 2
Kandathippili – 20 gms
Omam – 20 gms
Sitharathai – 10 gms
Jeera – 3 tsp.
Pepper – 2 tsp.
Virali manjal – 1
Ghee – 25 gms
Gingelly oil – 3 tablespoons


Heat a kadai, add all the ingredients (except ghee and oil) and slightly heat it.

Grind in a mixie to a fine powder. Sieve well. Again, grind the coarse powder leftover with very little water, to a fine paste.

Mix the fine paste and the fine powder well to form a dough.

Take equal quantity of jaggery. (Jaggery and dough ratio = 1:1)

Dissolve jaggery in a ladle of water and filter it without any dust or mud.

Now heat a heavy bottomed pan, add the dough, jaggery and sauté well.

When half- done and thick, add oil and ghee.

Saute well. When glossy, immediately transfer it to a vessel. 

Make small balls out of it, and distribute it to everyone in the house.

This is very good for indigestion and our elders have made it a custom to make it during Deepavali because we will feel heavy after having a sumptuous meal, sweets and savouries on Deepavali.


Ensure medium heat.

When you dip your hand in water and take the lehiyam, it should not stick to your hand. That is the correct consistency.

Be quick and attentive, and transfer it immediately when glossy. Else, the lehiyam will be separated from the ghee and will become hard.

& an award from Sailaja . Thank you Sailaja


  1. Another informative post Shanthi. It has been 6 years nearly since I had this lehiyam :-)

  2. congrats...legiyam looks perfect will give a try with the available ingredients in my kitchen.

  3. Looks delicious...Its new for me..

  4. I would run away as far as I could from this when my mom picks this up in her hand and starts to call us...but now I miss this - and I wish I could eat a spoon of it! Thanks for the recipe Shanthi Maami ...in case I get all this stuff here, will try it!

  5. I hate this lehiyam when i was kid, i need it now, had it really long back..

  6. Wow.. This is something really interesting. I have heard of dad telling me his Diwali stories and would also mention of this legiyam, but I have never had it before. sure to ask my mom for some this time. :)

  7. very helpful and useful for everybody especially the newly weds to get to know how to make leghiyam.

  8. Mmm... useful legiyam shanthi..! Congrats on the award!!

  9. This is completely new for me, I will be thankful if you could provide English names for the ingredients used.

  10. Congrats on ur award!!!!!!!!!!!

    My grandma prepares this Legiyam.
    Thanks for sharing...

  11. I've never heard of this, nice recipe!


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