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Saturday, October 3, 2009


While talking about my paati's thaligai, I suddenly remembered Dhania coffee. She used to do this to treat digestive problems, and other stomach disorders. It is also "Appetite stimulant" and effective in treating "pitha". So easy to make.


Dry roast a handful of Dhania(Coriander seeds) to golden brown.

Ensure not to char or burn it. Allow it to cool and dry grind in a mixie. You may need 1 tsp. of this powder for a cup of "Dhania Coffee".

So , boil 1 tsp. of this powder in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes, strain and have it warm or hot. If necessary, milk can also be added. But, I have not added. You can also add jaggery while boiling, or honey or panangkalkandu to it.
An award from Rohini


  1. Refreshing drink..! And good medicinal values too! Will try it soon! :)
    BTW, pls do collect your award from my blog dear. It's waiting!! :)

  2. Wow dhania coffee looks fabulous, very prefect for Think spice event going on my blog..do send Shanthi:)

  3. This is staple kashayam coffee for me.Totally relieves stomach upsets.

  4. New to me !
    Thanks for info :)

  5. my inlaws love this coffee.......congrats on ur award..

  6. Wow.. This sounds so different and interesting. Will try for sure :)

  7. I heard about this!! Now I will have it! Thanks.
    Refreshing and healthy drink!!!

  8. WOW...Interesting one...will try definitely...

  9. My MIL used to prepare this kothamalli coffee! Looks too good. nice recipe.

  10. wow! daniya coffee sounds interesting and worth trying. you can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments.

  11. First time here
    U have a beautiful blog with yummy recipies.
    This coffee sounds new to me.
    Will try it soon............


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