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Friday, October 23, 2009



Ragi powder - 2 tablespoons
Sugar - 2 tsp.
Milk - 1/2 cup


Take ragi powder (available readily in market) in a bowl, add some water to it and mix thoroughly without any lumps. This should be slightly watery. Heat a kadai, pour in the mixture and stir it till glossy and semi-solid. When warm, add milk and sugar to it, mix well. Make a paste which will easy to swallow. This can be given to toddlers from 3 months, when we start giving semi-solid food and can be given till they get their teeth. Very nutritious and healthy.

Add salt instead of sugar and mix buttermilk instead of milk. But for toddlers, make sugar version.


  1. Perfect entries and healthy raagi koozh.

  2. Thank you Ma'am for the wonderful and yummy entry. Saraswathi Iyer

  3. ragi koozhu looks healthy and yummy and good luck for the events, all delicious items there :)

  4. i am first time here and loved your blog..

    this raagi cereal i make for my daughter who likes it with mashed banana added to it...

    i use ragi for my multigrain breads n rotis too...it's such a healthy grain..

  5. am already giving this. however i mix toor dal moong dal, almonds pistas jeera along with ragi

  6. i live in the usa, it seems the indian notion of buttermilk might be different then the usa notion. we have low fat buttermilk which is often made from milk powders i think, reduced fat, then nonfat yogurt, low fat yogurt, regular yogurt with the fat...i have tried using whole yogurt made from pure milk and has the fat in it, for ragi and what happens is either the mixture sticks and begins to burn at the bottom of the pan or i start getting clumps of fat floating....

    so i'm not sure when recipes ask for buttermilk or curd what they mean. if you water down the curd you get clumps of fat floating...


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