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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sugar syrup consistency

Here are various consistencies of sugar syrup for preparing sweets. Hope this will be of use to everyone.
How to see the consistency of sugar syrup while preparing sweets?

Put the sugar in a vessel. Pour enough water to cover the sugar. Heat it and dissolve it slowly, stir in between.(Keep the stove in simmer and do not allow it to boil now) When completely dissolved, allow the syrup to boil. Once it starts boiling, need not stir it. Over stirring will affect the consistency of the sugar syrup. Boil the syrup in medium heat.
Sugar Syrup Consistencies:
Thin Syrup : Sugar is dissolved completely and the syrup gets a shine.
Sticky Syrup: Dip your forefinger in cold water and then in the syrup. Hold your forefinger and thumb together and it will be sticky.
Note: Test the syrup consistencies between your thumb and forefingers.
Half thread consistency: When tested between thumb and forefinger, a string is formed, but it will cut immediately.
One thread consistency: A thin string is formed when tested between thumb and forefinger.
Two thread consistency: Two threads are formed.
2 - 3 thread consistency: String appears in 2 or 3 places.
Gathered consistency: Pour little syrup into water, it settles down and can be gathered by hand.
Ball consistency: When syrup is poured into a cup of water , a small ball can be formed when rolled with fingers. The ball can be soft or hard depending upon the sweet.
Crack consistency: When a little syrup is poured over water, it becomes hard.
Caramel consistency: Sugar syrup changes to a golden browncolour and then to a dark brown colour.


  1. Very informative post Shanthi.... I never tried any sweets which involve melting sugar or jaggery just because I don't know these consistencies... thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Wow!How more can someone explain the syrup consistency.Syrup-u post.

  3. very informative post, I was wondering about what would be the consistency for making bhoondhi ladoos.

  4. Mmm.. i always get this doubt while making sweets at home shanthi.. so timely help for this season, thanks dear!

  5. detailed explanation of sugar syrup.

  6. Very informative post!! Much needed for beginners (like me!) Thanks for sharing it! :)

  7. Great post!
    One more request!
    Please which sweets use which consistency ...will be really great ful to you:)

  8. Hi Shanti,
    very helpful tip!
    Collect award from my blog please

  9. Dear Shanthi,

    Really yours is an awesome blog!!

    If possible please consider my below requests for few more recipes.. :)
    * Please post the procedure to make varieties of burfis/pedas.. like 7-cup, maida burfi, badam burfi and others as i really love them.. :)
    * Procedure to make "Home made" Ghee out of Cheese[or cream floating over the milk]

    Hope i am not troubling u.. :)

    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Does anyone know if this works with alternative sweeteners (e.g. agave nectar, maple syrup, rice syrup, tapioca syrup, etc.)?

    Though Agave seems to be separate from milk and appear non complementarily sharp in flavor (cooked in or soaked- e.g. galub jamun, coconut burfi, carrot halva, sandesh). Making caramel was a snap, mixing it with milk straight doesn't cause much problem, maybe agave's combinability changes with time, heat, dilution, etc.

    Any opinions?

  11. thanks for the information!very useful to make indian sweets!

  12. Thanks for this, it helped me get my sugar syrup to the right consistency. Sadly the recipe I was using (which was not the one on this page!) turned out to be awful and failed hard, even with great syrup, but it was still a useful exercise!


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