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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Gulab-E-Aab,How to make Gulab-E-AabImpressed by Lata's recipe, I also tried it out, as I always love the baby pink colour. I used paalkhova as it was easily available. Yes. It was really fantastic and rich, creamy and easy to make. I wanted to give it a dim light effect. Arabian nights?!!!!


Milk - 1/2 ltr.

Paal khova - 50 gms

Rose syrup - approx. 6 tsp.

Saffron - 2 strands

Pistachios - 1 tsp.

Almonds- 4


Boil and cool the milk.

Add the rose syrup little by little till you get a baby pink colour. You may not need sugar as rose syrup has high sugar in it.

Scramble the paalkhova into the milk and whip it in a blender.

Blanch pistachios and almonds,
peel the skin, and grate.

Garnish the milk with these grated pistas, almonds and saffron strands while serving.

Serve chilled. Vah-Re-Vah. Gulab-E-Aab is ready.
Easy way to blanch almonds: Boil half-a-cup of water, add badam and pistachios and microwave for 30 sec. in "High".


  1. The picture is very good .I have done this but without the khova .Do visit

  2. Wow.. it looks really delicious.. I love the picture. Truly impressive click :)

  3. yum refreshing drink it looks delicious and nice pink colour.Nice click.

  4. Oh WOW !! Its my favorite colour. Lovely click.

  5. Nice drink and a beautiful color.

  6. Thank you Shanthi!!! The effect of lighting does look very Arabian :) The rich taste of khova was definitely excellent isn't it?

  7. Hi Shanthi
    i used 2 do rose milk as it is wit rose syrup, as u added khova that will defently gives a rich a taste will try dis soon.....

  8. Wow shanthi!!This drink looks sooo inviting!!Must have tasted great..Tempts me to try it out :)

  9. super...will give a try.....love those tall glasses

  10. SLurpppp!! lipsmacking refreshing drink..

  11. Looks very delicious and refreshing:)

  12. Wow,looks so pretty and lovely presentation as well!

  13. Looks so inviting!! Adding Khova definitely makes it all the more rich and delicious!!

  14. Enakku ippovey saappidanum pola irukku Shanthi ji... I love the colors and especially the spread on which the cups are standing :-)

  15. Looks lovely, a drink with one of my favorite color.

  16. Looks delicious and very refreshing!!Xllnt cick!!!


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