“The virtues of donations are great, because it helps the needy and at the same time it gives an opportunity to the donor to give the surplus to the people in need ” - Sama Veda

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Friday, December 11, 2009


I would like to announce the round up of my event "food for orphanages". The first entry for my event is the only one which I received for the event and I have already posted about the children who sent the entry. Thanks to them once again. And now , a message which came to me as a mail forward.

Going to church every sunday.....
Going to mosque every friday....
Going to temple every saturday....

Helping hands are always better than praying lips. Do not waste food. Give the surplus to the needy.


  1. A wonderful message Maami. We should all follow that. I think that from the amount of money people put in the hundial in all major temples, even if they spend 20% of it for helping the needy, we can eradicate a lot of things.

  2. Hi Shanthi,
    Yes! the images were not opening yesterday. I thought some mistake is in my connection. Lovely images and wonderful messages.
    The event was difficult but not impossible also. Sorry I could not participate. No excuses. Sorry.
    But when ever I will do the service definitely, I will let you know.

  3. Though you had limited entries iam sure it has reached more than thousands of hearts.....Nice event to educate people.All the best.

  4. Wonderful messege to everyone..Nice post ..

  5. hi dear,

    such a lovely post to make people actually sit up and think. Even if we are able to give back something to the society by such means, so many people would not sleep on empty stomachs...

  6. Great message!!..Images are really motivating..
    I always have this feeling wen i waste food..
    I am trying to reduce it...Keep posting such good articles

  7. Lovely post with a nice message.

  8. First time here. Very Great Message..Will follow the same.Keep doing the good posting.


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