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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Lata has tagged me with By the book of Jayashree a week before. Sorry Lata, I could not respond to it immediately due to household chores. Thank you so much for remembering me. My treasured cookbook is my grandma's handwritten note, which I carried with me after getting married. As I was married at the age of 20, she thought that it will be useful to me & wrote everything with great patience. Not only recipes, even the tradition, as when to take oil bath, wear new clothes etc. The interesting part is that she had mentioned even the WEDDING DAY as a Pandigai and has given guidance about it. As my marriage was on Aani, she has started from that and guided through various festivals and recipes. She could not write after a stage, and I completed it as told by her. Here are the samples.

The condition of the note book

Her instructions and guidances

Siddhi has passed me on these awards. Thank you Siddhi, for remembering me.

And Sailaja has passed some more awards along with the above . Thank you Sailaja.

I pass it to all my blogger friends with love and wishes.


  1. Congrats madam ......lovely awards...and happy to c ur treasure...

  2. Shanthi that is truly a treasure trove! Even I have been keeping such written instructions about ennai kulikkaradhu, nei kaichcharadhu, lending buttermilk and what not as told by both of my grandmothers.
    Congratualtions on all these beautiful awards.

  3. Really a best gift anyone can give,a real treasure,and congraz on all ur beautiful awards,hope u get lots and lots more of it in this year for ur wonderful blog

  4. Congrats!! Nice to see those books,very precious.I think for the next generation we are going to leave our WEBSITE/BLOG.....Not a book.

  5. Wonderful memory to keep and cherish! How nice of your paati to make this for you!

  6. Shanthi,

    Note book real treasure, congrats on awards

  7. Congratulations on awards!! n such a precious book u have! wonderful..

  8. Congrats on your awards, I too have a kolam book of my grandma...will always treasure it :)

  9. Congrats on awards..
    best gift from ur grandma...

  10. congrats shanthi.

  11. congrats, on all your awards enjoy!!, and for the treasured book you are so lucky to have one, well, I think I can give it to my kids or grandkids!!, as I have been maintaining one like that, amma never parted her book, but when I call her even to this day she will tell me what I have to do!!, I must start writing more things down than calling her every year for every festival!!


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