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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is also called as kannimangai, kadugumanga ooruga or kadugumangai oorugai.  Very tiny mangoes (only 1/2"in diameter) are used for this pickle. This kerala type pickle is different from the regular vadu manga OR maavadu of Tamilnadu. Vadu mangai follows in the next post.


Brined mangoes - 2 cups
Dry red chillies - 1/3 cup
Mustard seeds - 1 tablespoon
The salty solution from the brine - 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup
Pure castor oil - few drops
Ceramic jar


Click here for mangoes in brine.

Grease the inside of the ceramic jar with castor oil. Drain out the mangoes from the brine. Transfer to the ceramic jar. Grind the mustard seeds and red chillies to powder. (you can also use red chilly powder  if u want it a bit spicy). Add a little salty solution to the powder and grind to a fine paste. Mix the brined mangoes and the paste well. If too thick add some more salty solution. The paste should be an inch above the mango level. Cover the jar with a clean cloth and place the lid tightly. The pickle will be ready to eat in a fortnight.

NOTE: This can be preserved for more than a year. The colour changes to brown when preserved for a long time, but it is edible. This should not be watery. Unlike Tamilnadu vadumanga , this should be thick.  This can be prepared as and when  necessary using the brined mangoes.


  1. wow moutheatering pickle...yummy, mine post also same but slightly different from urs..pls check and post ur comments when time gets

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm! I am drooling.I would love to hold a plate of thair sadam and grab ur kadugu manga to go with it.So very tempting.

  3. Woww... very nice recipe.. thanks for sharing !!
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Iam craving for this pickle now. i cant get this in blore..:( Iam drooling on this :)

  5. Slurp, salivating here...yummmm!

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmm i second Jeyashri.. pls send me some everyone started posting this maangai and i am badly want this now..

  7. wow super duper pickle..now waiting for the vandu manga post!

  8. Excellent pickle dear . Looks delicious.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. I love vadu maanga pickle. They're very tasty and spicy!

  10. Tempting and yummy pickle....

  11. i am drooling..nice recipe on kadugu mangai..hmm..bale bale :)

  12. very tempting n yumm perfect for curd rice ...

  13. The picture itself is making me drool.Good one.

  14. Mouth watering pickle. love it with curd rice

  15. this looks so fresh..plz pass me that whole jar!

  16. wonderful and tempting pickle :) looks awesome :)

  17. My son's fav. love to eat this with curd rice,yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. Was expecting this pickle next from your blog ;-) love it.. looks delicious.

  19. Spicy inviting kadugumanga pickle. I am carving for it.

    Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,

  20. (Wife goes nuts for pickled things - but me? Not so much, LOL)

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  21. Shanthi, some awards are waiting for you in my blog..Please collect it dear..

  22. wow...enna narumanam photo leye....yummy:p

  23. jiljil vakkackanTuesday, May 17, 2011

    wohoooo mooh me water comming sorry lang bhool gaye due to this watery receipe

  24. This kadugu manga reminds me of my patti


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