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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This rasam, known for its medicinal values, is very useful for stomach upsets and has a unique flavour and aroma.

NOTE: You can also fry dried neem flowers in ghee and mix it with hot rice alongwith salt. This helps in de-worming and upset stomach. It is also anti-viral.


Tamarind - a small lemon size
Salt - as per taste
Dried neem flowers - 3 tsp.
Ghee - 1 tsp.
Oil - 1 tsp.
Dry red chillies - 2
Hing - a pinch


Soak tamarind in water and extract about 3 cups of juice from it.

In a vessel, pour the tamarind extract, hing and salt and allow it to boil till it diffuses the raw smell.

In a pan, heat oil & ghee and fry the red chillies and veppampoo (neem flower) till it turns dark brown, but should not be burnt. Add this to the rasam. Close with a lid so that the aroma of the neemflower will be infused in the rasam. DO NOT BOIL IT AGAIN AFTER ADDING THE NEEMFLOWER ELSE IT WILL TURN BITTER.

Serve hot with rice.


  1. Brings back nostalgic memories of my younger days when my mom used to make this rasam once a while.A cup of this hot rasam with a tad of ghee added to it is near ambrosia!!

  2. have never tried recipes with neem flowers..heard of them and its medicinal importance..should try such recipes atleast once in a while ..very nice.

  3. One of my fav rasam..the aroma of ghee n veppam poo wow i love it!!

  4. Dear Shanti
    How are you ? This posting reminds me of old days. haven't seen neem flower in Noida where I stay. I remember, My mother used to store dried Neem flower and we used to eat fried neem flower with ghee , hot rice and green chili. It was my favorite. Even fresh Neem flower cooked with egg plant is my favorite.
    If I get a chance I would love to eat this rasam, very nice recipe.
    Have a look at my blog on Dwaraka .
    best wishes

  5. Long time since I made this rasam. bit worried about the bitter taste...any tios to shoo the bitter flavour?shall try it out sure :)

  6. Nothing to shoo out the bitter taste annapoorni... Tablets are bitter likewise this is good for health, bitter but bearable.

  7. So delicious and inviting clicks.. beautiful presentation.. thanks for sharing :)
    Indian Cuisine

  8. Very innovative..i have heard about it a lot, but never incorporated it in the diet..

  9. totally new to me !! looks so delicious and very inviting !!

  10. Thanks Shanthi and I am do not get teh subtle difefrences between Naan,kulcha,romali roti and phulkas...looking to read such recipes on ur blog :)

  11. Very tasty and inviting rasam. Excellent preparation as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Healthy rasam,havent had since ages...Fantastic rasam..

  13. wow, very new, sounds healthy because of neem flowers in it.

  14. Love this rasam...My grandma used to make this rasam...Remembering those days...

  15. wow this recipe is very new to me shanthi
    yummy and delightful...dish...
    wonderful space...
    i'm happy to follow you...
    do stop at my blog if you find time :)
    Happy Blogging!!!!
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    Good Food Recipes

  16. I love the flavor of vepam poo rasam. Your version will surely make the flavor stand out.

  17. Not a big fan of vepampoo rasam,but remember amma preparing this now and then as we get loads of flower shed from the tree backyard.

  18. I simply love this rasam..make sure it is cooled well after frying and then added to tamarind extract..coz it gives a bitter taste when added immediately...

  19. Wow tasty rasam,nothing to beat this comfort food which tastes good when had with sutta appalam.Tastes better when had the next day too.I remember my mom preparing fried vepambo and fried sundakai vethal and serving with hot rice n ghee as a medicine for stomach upset.

  20. No, It tastes bitter when boiling it again after adding the neem flower and not because it is added while it is hot.

  21. wow akka u have so many recipes(authentic)awesome...i have not tried this rasam...u say its not bitter and I trust u...india vandha senju tharuveengala? ;)

  22. MIL makes vepampoo rasam and husband loves it.. I never seem to get the right consistency..dunno y !

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