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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This marundhu or legiyam is different from the deepavali lehiyam. This is given to new mothers which helps them in digestion, healing and regaining health after delivery.

Elders at home prepare the lehiyam and give a small ball out of it to the new moms.
Many herbal products are used in this, but now these are readily available in powdered form. As I have already mentioned in my post - partum post, this powder is available in dabba chetty kadai, Kutchery road, Mylapore. Just ask for prasava lehiyam powder. The store can be contacted on 044-24985125.


Prasava lehiyam powder - 100 gm. pkt.

Ghee – 25 gms

Gingelly oil – 1 tablespoon


Sieve the powder.

Heat a kadai, add the powder and slightly heat it. Transfer the powder to a plate.

Mix little water to form a dough.

Take equal quantity of jaggery. (Jaggery and dough ratio = 1:1)

Dissolve jaggery in a ladle of water and filter it without any dust or mud.

Now, heat a heavy bottomed pan, add the dough, jaggery and stir well.

When half- done and thick, add oil and ghee.
Stir continuously.

When glossy, immediately transfer it to a vessel.
Make small balls out of it, and consume a ball after the meal.

Deepavali lehiyam( legiyam) OR deepavali marundhu link is here.


  1. Such a healthy recipe... thanks for sharing...

  2. Thanks a lot...In need of this recipe :)

  3. I remember having to eat a big ball of this every morning and then loads of neii included in lunch to aid not only digestion but to heal internal wounds.

  4. I used to finish it off when my mom used to prepare this delicious lehyam for my sisters when they delivered babies.As a result it was always kept hidden from me.
    yes, dabba chetty kadai is famous.

  5. What a great recipe for new mothers. This is something to be treasured. Thanks Shanti :)

  6. i love to have this anytime.looking nice

  7. Very helpful post.. Thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks for sharing and giving us the details too..

  9. Thank you very much for the valuable post.It is helpful if the powder is readily available.I remember my mother making this powder with the help of her elderly relative at home.Each of the ingredients need to be roasted carefully and she used to pound in URAL.She used to give from day 8th of the delivery by just mixing with little ghee.Later the above mentioned process will be followed and stored for long.she used to give for 45 days.Saathukudi(orange) juice, Khus khus was also used to reduce the heat. Thanks again for the store address.

  10. my past motherhood memories have been revived by you.Love this lehiyam.nice informative post for newly delivered mothers.
    Indu Srinivasan

  11. this new thing to me but looks useful post

  12. Thanks for this valuable post.

  13. Your blog has many authentic south food recipes. I remember my paati prepared this one for my chithi. very significant recipes. Thanks for stopping by on my blog.


  14. Delicious looking lehiyam. Best food for new moms.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. After my delivery my mom made this lehiyam at home with the ready made powder.....It was given to me first thing in the morning...

  16. This is new recipe for me. But Lehiyum looks delicious.

  17. Never knew we get powder ready made,useful post! I remember how i used to swallow this...

  18. Maami - thanks for the recipe. I'm sure this is more nutritious and helpful than any other vitamins or tablets available in store. All natural and easy to make. Thank you so much!

  19. Very useful recipe Shanthiji. Thanks for the post.Do post the corn halwa, would love to see your version.

  20. This is realy interesting - I'd never heard of it before! Good to learn something!!

  21. Hi! sorry but this recipe and powder new for me. I think this is south Indian famous and useful powder. thanks for give very nice information and intro:).

  22. Thanks for sharing this useful info. My mom bought it for me when she came here. Firt time to your wonderful blog and happy to follow you.

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  23. Only a mother can show such love and affection. There are no words enough to thank you madam. This is such a gift for us. Thanks for sharing the recipe and also the address and contact for store also.
    Subha Parthasarathy

  24. Pls let me know where to order it with address?

  25. Hi
    Thanks for sharing , will it increase the milk supply as well

  26. Thanks a lot for this post.it was very useful,steps were explained clearly so that it was easy to make. Thanks again

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