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Thursday, July 4, 2013


In Kerala, ashgourd is essential during a feast. This recipe is a stew in coconut milk  with Kumbalanga(ashgourd) and Vanpayar (Red cowpeas), In Tamil, it is  Pooshanikkai and Karamani respectively.


Pooshanikkai (Ash gourd) - 1/4 kg.
Karamani (Red cowpeas) - 1/8 cup
Green chillies(slit) - 4

Coconut milk (Thick 1st extract) - 1/2 cup
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs

Salt - to taste
Coconut oil - 2 tsp.


Wash  and soak karamani in water overnight. 

Pressure cook karamani in a cup of water alongwith salt till soft. Drain completely.

Peel ashgourd and dice  into cubes, add green chillies , salt and cook till soft. (NOTE: Use very little water  for cooking the ashgourd as it has a  tendency to release water while cooking. Do not overcook the ashgourd as it will lose its shape). Add drained karamani and boil for a while. Pour in  coconut milk, simmer the stove and allow it to boil for a minute.

Switch off the stove and mix in coconut  oil & curry leaves while hot. 

Kerala special olan is ready to serve.


  1. Hi Shanthi welcome back. Delicious lip smacking olan recipe.

  2. What a delicious dish. Will surely try out soon. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. thank you for visiting our blog

  4. looks so delicious and tempting... bookmarking...

  5. Looks yummy and inviting...

  6. Looks delicious and flavourful with the coconut milk added

  7. Your presentation of the item in beautiful picture is remarkable and an USP of your blog

  8. Wonderful dish with beautiful clicks Shanthi :)

  9. Hello Shanthi akka,

    The olan looks yummy but in our version we dont add any coconut milk. Its only veggies and red cow peas and then curry leaves, chillies and coconut oil. this mist be interesting too!


  10. Love the color of the olan..I bought ashgourd but don't have the cowpeas..shall try it with black eyed peas or red beans. Thanks!

  11. Such a traditional and delicious recipe.. looks yummy !!


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