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Monday, March 17, 2014



Sweet corn - 1 cup
Processed cheese - 1/2 cup (grated)
Salt - to taste 
Green chillies - 1 (finely chopped)
Coriander leaves - 1/3 cup (finely chopped)
Bread crumbs - to roll
Oil - to deep fry
Butter - 3 tablespoons
Maida - 21/2 tablespoons
Warm milk - 1/2 cup

For the coating: 
Maida - 3/4 cup
Water - 1/2 cup


Boil sweet corn and roughly crush it. Keep aside.

In a  non-stick pan, heat butter, add maida and fry for 30 seconds. Simmer the stove, add warm milk and stir continuously until the mixture leaves the sides and thickens. Transfer to a plate. Add corn, grated cheese, chillies, salt and coriander leaves. 

When cool, mix well with your hand and  shape to equal sized balls. 

Mix the ingredients for coating to a semi thick batter without any lumps.

Dip the balls in this batter and roll them in bread crumbs until they are coated well on all sides.

In a kadai, heat oil and deep fry these balls until they turn golden brown. Drain on a kitchen tissue. Serve hot with cut tomatoes, cucumber and tomato ketchup.

NOTE: The cheese also contains salt, so add salt accordingly.


  1. this looks really delicious....

  2. Crispy cheesy balls are our family favourite, cant resist.

  3. Looks very crispy and delicious, going to try this for my kids :)

  4. lovely crispy cheese balls.. yumm

  5. I have never seen anything quite like it... Very crispy. Itz really a healthy food guide.


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