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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Manja pongal for aadi velli, Manjal pongal for thai velli

This pongal is a Prasadam / Neivedhyam prepared on Thai velli kizhamai and Aadi vellikizhamai.  Married girls from the home are invited for lunch on thai and aadi fridays and this pongal is served first. Some people prepare it mushy as vennpongal, but in our home, we make like normal rice and mix it with a dollop of ghee and kuzhambu.


Raw rice - 1 cup
Toor dhal - 1/4 cup
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp.
Hing - 1/4 tsp.
Salt - to taste
Water - 3 cups
Ghee - as needed


Pressure cook rice and toor dal alongwith turmeric powder, hing and salt for 3 whistles, simmer for 2-3 minutes. When pressure is released, take out from the cooker, 
transfer to a serving bowl. Top it with ghee while serving.  Serve hot with kuzhambu.


  1. When I was a chit,I often heard from my mates in the neighboring house,they ate pongal sadham.I used to wonder what it could be.The mystery has been unravelled after decades by Shanthi.Seems like paruppu sadham

  2. Thanks for sharing this information,
    Gorgeous manja pongal! Love this recipe!! I have learn this item to cook while I was studying in the Hotel management courses in kolkata

  3. Thanks for sharing this information, I really appreciate your cooking skills. Thank You! I love this dish so much. I have learned this dish to prepare when I was studying in the hotel management institute in Kolkata


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