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Thursday, July 28, 2016


How to make mini tiffin at home, Mini Tiffin, Mini tiffin combos

Mini-tiffin has become popular nowadays in restaurants. Typical south indian mini tiffin has idli, vadai, pongal, dosai and a sweet alongwith filter coffee. Being a foodie myself, I just wanted to make a different combo and made these at home. With a little effort, we can make mini-tiffin at home with different south-indian tiffin varieties.  Who would not love to eat a mini-tiffin like this? Even I couldn't resist to taste these yummy delicacies. Needless to say, I relished it. This will make a perfect brunch. I did not make any sweets, but you can make it during special occasions and also when guests come home. I have given the recipe links below, click on them to know the method of preparation. Do try and surprise your family with these pleasures.

Neer Dosai with coconut and jaggery
Kanchipuram idly with molagapodi
Rasa vadai
Rava pongal with sambar - Rava pongal recipe will be posted later
Hot South Indian filter coffee

Enjoy mini-tiffin making at home. :)


  1. complete and filling breakfast. looks yummy

  2. மினி டிபன் ன்னு சொல்லிபுட்டு நிறைய வெரைட்டி வச்சிருக்கீங்க ... ரசவடையெல்லாம் மெதக்குது... nice !!! >> சயின்டிபிக் ஜட்ஜ்மெண்ட்


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