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Saturday, January 12, 2019

My ebook - "Pongal, Bhogi, Kanu - A complete festival cooking guide."

It is my pleasure and pride to announce the publication of my first e-Book - "Pongal, Bhogi, Kanu - A complete festival cooking guide." 

Born into a family steeped in tradition and culture, I began cooking at a fairly young age. I am particularly passionate about food that celebrates the spirit of a festival. A few years ago, my son suggested I do something more with my love for cooking. At his insistence, I started a blog and, over time, I began to write about the connection between traditional dishes and festivals. As my readers increased, I realised there were many out there who were interested in adopting these dishes, especially those who had become disconnected from their culture. This book is dedicated to them, and future generations who would want to stay in touch with their roots and culture, and understand the stories behind why these dishes exist. Here, I have focussed on the series of harvest festival of Pongal, including the significance of each ofBhogi, Pongal and Kanu, how these festivals are to be celebrated, menu for each of these festivals, and recipes associated with it. 
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Happy reading, and cooking!
Happy Bhogi, Pongal and Kanu!

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