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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Everyone want to cook their food in a sparkling kitchen , free of grease and dirt. Sometimes, we feel it very bored to clean the kitchentops after tiresome chores. Sometimes we forget to clean the kitchen shelves. The same thing with me also. But, I plan and schedule the clean-ups.

Clean your kitchentops as you cook.
After cooking, arrange the cooked items on one side , and wipe your gas stove and oven with a clean cloth.
Make it a top priority to clean the kitchentops immediately after you use them. Apart from neatness, this will prevent contamination.
If you have spilt anything on the floor immediately wipe it off with a moist cloth. This prevents stains on the floors of your kitchen.
Keep a small trash can near your sink and put your spilt food or strained tea leaves or leftover coffee powder after preparing decoctions. Don’t forget to place a plastic carrybag in the trashcan. This enables easy cleaning of trashcans.
And after emptying it, give it also a wash. Even the trashcan in your kitchen will sparkle.
Place a separate or old strainer on your sink grouts.(outlet holes). The food-residue will be collected in it automatically, making your work easier and also prevents clogging of drains. Nowadays, drain strainers are available at stores.
Scrub your sink with a stainless steel scrub using soap water(if it is of stone) and use soap water with ordinary scrub for stainless steel sinks.

Sweep your kitchen in the morning after you cook and mop with a wet cloth daily in the night. Also clean your kitchentops with a separate cloth and put a small kolam on the stove and kitchentop during the end of the day.


Clean your appliances like fridge, oven, mixie, grinder, toaster, coffee maker etc. using liquid detergent/soap water/all-purpose cleaner free from ammonia and acid concentrate. Wipe the exteriors of your wooden cabinet also. The best way is to clean it with turpentine and wipe it with a cloth for shiny surfaces without fingerprints and waterspots.
Remove the dirt accumulated underneath your appliances.
For sticky and greasy stains in between the burners and the stove use a toothbrush (separate one for this purpose) dipped in allpurpose cleaner. Scour it, clean it and wipe it dry.
Clean inside the fridge with a moist cloth and wipe it dry.. Throw away unused food in the fridge.
Clean the inside of your oven using liquid detergent/all purpose cleaners and wipe it dry. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water and a cutlemon, lime or tablespoons of vinegar. Turn on the oven on high for few minutes. Its enough until the solution boils. After 10 minutes,open the door, remove the bowl and wipe with a clean cloth or sponge. 
Clean your trash can with all purpose cleaner to prevent it from stinking.

Clean your gas burners using any cleaner (I use Pitambari), pin-out the dirt
accumulated in the holes and blow it out.
Dust your kitchen cabinets. Empty your kitchen cabinets and clean it using liquid soap solution. Then again, clean it with a damp cloth and leave it to dry before arranging things in it.
Clean you refrigerator shelves using liquid detergent /multipurpose cleaners. And run it under water. You can do this outdoors preventing the water spilling inside your kitchen and becoming messy.
Use Dranex and protect your drains from clogging. Use it as per the manual.
Also put a line using laxman rekha underneath the sink.
Take out your chimney plates and clean it as per instructions in the manual.
Still there are missed areas, like the top of the chimney, cabinet top etc. Give it a wipe using turpentine. This also prevents cockroaches.
Your kitchen will be shiny and sparkling always.

Before using any product, always read the label for their manufacturing and expiry dates.
Store the products in non-toxic containers. (Especially pickles).
Always keep a door or window open. This reduces the risk of gas leakage and also there will be fresh air.
Never mix two types of cleaners. This may cause breathing difficulty, and may also harm your skin, and eyes.
If a cleaner comes into contact with your eyes, immediately wash your eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor.


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