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Saturday, July 11, 2009



Idli rice - 1 cup

Raw rice: - 1 cup
Toor dhal - 1 cup
Gram dhal – ¾ cup
Urad dhal – ¼ cup
Dry red chillies - 10 to 15
Curry leaves
Salt - as per taste
Oil - for deep frying
Onions finely chopped - optional
grated coconut - optional


Soak together rice, dhal and red chillies for 2 hours. Drain the water and grind to a coarse paste alongwith curry leaves and hing. Add salt and mix well.

In a kadai, heat oil, drop in small balls of batter and deep fry till golden brown. This a very tasty teatime snack.

Note: You can mix chopped onions/grated coconut during frying. Do not refrigerate after adding onions and coconut.


  1. This kunukku is new to me.WIth all those yummy nutritious daals,it will be a treasure i can understand !!

  2. My mom used to make these for me..thanks for sending it to the event

  3. I do this with left over adai maavu, and we like this during the rains!

  4. dear shanthi,your blog is motivating for cooks like me.i do not try something new as my father in law wants the usual full meal thaali daily without fail.but after seeing your dishes,i felt i should give them a try.

  5. If that is the case, jyothi, you can participate in my 3rd event (traditional recipes)

  6. My wife told me abot the site and a new visitor. The site looks great. I am simply amazed in the interest you folks have in cooking and have presented things so beautifully. The site is also for great social causes and even the ads Donate eyes, blood, help invisible children are awesome. I dont think the site is maintained by a homemaker but by a professional web designer.

  7. Oh!!! Is it Sailaja's husband? Confused suddenly as I am used to Sailaja Damodaran. Thank you Sir, for your comment and you people are behind us and encouraging.

  8. my mom cooked this snack yesterday for me..that was yummy..i feel like i want to eat more..thanks for the wonderful recipe..
    Best Atta for chapati.


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