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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Everyone must have heard and also tasted Palani panchamirtham. This mixed fruit panchamirtham is very famous in temples(especially perumal koils) of eastern and central parts of Tamil Nadu. They do abishekam for the deity with this panchamirtham and when taken as prasadam, Wow!.... it's simply delicious. Our elders also offer this as a naivedyam. You can also do this when you have many fruits leftover on a function. On the whole, it's a bowl of nutrition.

Now the recipe:


Apple - 2
Orange - 2
Mosambi - 2
Mango - 2
Pomegranate - 1
Seedless dates - 100 gms.
Green grapes - 100 gms.
Paneer(black) grapes - 100 gms.
Plantain - Malai vazhai pazham or rasthali variety - 3 or 4
Kalkandu (Rock candy) - 100 gms.
Honey - 50 gms.
Ghee - 1 tablespoon
Coconut - 1 (small)


Wash all the fruits. Cut apple, plantain and mangoes to cubes. De-skin and take out the seeds from orange and mosambi.

Crush kalkandu to powder. Scrap the coconut.

Now, mix all the fruits (I have not used green grapes, as it is out of season here), alongwith kalkandu, honey, scraped coconut and ghee. Your panchamirtham is ready for offering.

Note: You can use any fruit of your choice. But for naivedyam, only these fruits are used. You can check out for restrictions on naivedyam from your elders.

You can use more kalkandu as per your taste(OR) can also use sugar.


  1. Wow shanthi... Enaku romba pudikum panchamirdham.. Enaku konjam parcel anupungalen..
    Very colourful and delicious..!

  2. I love panchamirtham..Urs is lookng yumm:)

  3. Parcel thaney. Anuppinal pochu. Thank you sanghi.

  4. Idhaethaan enga Namakkal anjaneyar abhisheka panchamrutham. Shanthi I am now very reminded of home...long for some thaen vazhiyum fruit panchamrutham.

  5. Thats such an amazing panchamritham to offer Lord..new to me.thanks

  6. very nice recipe for panchamritham... a yummy snack too!
    you have a wonderful space! I have sent you my entry. plz check your e-mail.


  7. Thank you friends and petichef . Will try to become a membe soon. Nice of you. And as said before, perumal koil prasadams are tastier and delicious always. This is the panchamirtham they use i n perumal koils, and we say "abishekam" as "Tirumanjanam".

  8. Wow,yummy fruit delight...nice name...

  9. Fruits in any form is my favorite. This one is for sure in the list :)

  10. I;m jollu uttufying at this page! Looks delicious - why not if all the ingredients are so delicious!

    I love the totally brown mashed up palani panjamritham too!

    Will try this sometime! thanks!

  11. fruits are my all time favorite... that bowl looks so yummy...

  12. Wow yummy one looks so good and love the fruits very much

  13. A tag is waiting for u at my blog ...

    Panchamratam looks very colorful and yummy..

  14. Such a gorgeous panchamirtham, just send my entries for State specials...pls do check...

  15. Looks very colorful and delicious

  16. Looks yummy and colorful.. lovely presentation!!

  17. Yummy and colorful! healthy too!

  18. I have Tagged u dear, pls collect it from my blog...

  19. Yummy! perfect fruity delight :-)

  20. Shanthi, I have not received any mail for your entry for this dish, and if i receive mail for the event I surely come and post a comment on that dish and I always respond to the participants, thanking them if they have mail me the entries....
    Have you received you sent an email for your entry
    coz as per the guideliness you need to even mail me the entry...

    Dont worry seeing ur enthusiasm will consider your entry and will update my round up

  21. perfect fruity delight :-)


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