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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The process is very simple and freshness is assured. The collage is self-explanatory, but still the procedures for beginners.


Milk - 2 litres

Lime -2 0r 3



A vessel

Clean muslin cloth

A twine


Boil milk in a deep vessel. Squeeze in the juice of a lime and stir well.

Allow it to boil for some more time. Milk will become transparent and the paneer will float on the top. (you can squeeze another lime till its transparent).

Strain it through a strainer with a vessel beneath. Do not discard the water. This is whey and is very nutritious. This whey water can be used in curdling the milk for the next time and can be stored in the refrigerator for a month.
The recipe using whey is here.

Run through cold water, transfer it to the muslin cloth and tie with the twine. Twist the cloth to remove the water completely. Allow it to hang for 15 more minutes.

Place a heavy weight on it for about an hour. Take out and cut into cubes
. If you want scrambled paneer, skip the step of placing a weight. This paneer can be used in curries and gravies cubed or crumbled. Click here for Paneer bharta recipe.


  1. I always buy readymade amul paneer which has just stopped coming to singapore..time to make some paneer at home..good post..

  2. This is one lovely preparation. I usually make paneer at home because it's hygienic and tastes better too.

  3. Great post. Love the homemade paneer.

  4. My daughter & me love paneer in any form.............turned out perfect

  5. Great post..home made tastes better.

  6. Wow nice stepwise pics. :) I love paneer too :)

  7. that is nice...I remember trying to make paneer at home once...and will u believe if I say 3 lemons and still the milk refused to seperate....ooopsss..

  8. Thank you :) HAppy to follow you and get introduced to your blog. Got an idea of the purpose behind your blog too. I've had a cursory look over your blog. Will keep coming back here :) Thank you once again :)


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