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Monday, February 9, 2009


Generally for a pandigai, the menu is as under:

Sadham(rice), Nei(ghee), paruppu, mor kuzhambu or
Paruppu kuzhambu or Arachuvitta Sambhar, paruppu usili, kari amudhu(poriyal), kootu, thayirpachadi, kosumari, vadaam or appalam, vadai or thayir vadai, saatru amudhu(Rasam), Tirukannan amudhu(payasam), thayir (curd), oorugaai(pickle).

But in general, we say it as sathumudhu, karamudhu and kannamudhu.

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  1. wow!! I feel like eating this pandigai thaligai in a vazhai elai!!! Reminds me of home! Your blog is really very nice:)


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